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ScanJam Contactless Card Protector... E-Pickpocket Protection

'Contactless is convenient however scarily insecure. My cards were previously secure with chip n' PIN. I wouldn't go anywhere without my Porcupine Card.'
Kevin Barnes
'Mysterious transactions have stopped, I feel so much safer as I travel on the Tube everyday. There's no danger of accidental debits in shops too.'
Keith Gray
'Personal identity information shouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Everyone should have ScanJam protection.'
Metropolitan Police

The Features of the Contactless Porcupine

The chip of the card is my brain

On guard 24/7, my transponder receives the 13.56mhz intruding signal and instantly uses it to raise my 'e-quills', a powerful 9cm e-shield surrounding your wallet, effectively blocking the incoming signals, and any request for data.

I am sleek and powerful

I look great, designed and printed to impress! Why not show me to your friends?

Only 1mm thick, and credit card sized

I fit into your wallet just like all your other cards. You don't need to change your lifestyle, your wallet, or your cards - just add me in.

I come with a life-time warranty

Registration is easy, simply share a picture of me in my box, or with you doing something special on your favourite social media channel, tagging me #ScanJam.

I don't require batteries

I am your faithful companion for life and never run out of power.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Buy online
Slots in your wallet
you're protected
No batteries required
I am a passive device, that means that I am powered up by the intruding signal that I receive. I don't require batteries, and I am 100% effective, everytime.
Fits straight in your wallet
Don't change your lifestyle, just get me, the Porcupine. Keep your favourite wallet, and all your contactless bank cards, just slot me in.
Life-time guarantee
My makers stand by me, I come with a life-time guarantee. Its fun to register, simply follow the instructions above.

Identity theft is the no.1 growing crime in the UK - Metropolitan Police

Contactless bank cards have brought much convenience to our lives, allowing payment over the 13.56mhz radio frequency with a quick tap of the card against the terminal. They have also opened up a serious new security threat. Criminals are using widely available equipment, often just a publicly available smart-phone App, and a USB reader device to access your cards and credentials from up to 10 metres away. It cannot even be detected that they are doing it. Contactless has become the unsafe 'cat-flap' to your money and identity. Just watch the video, it shows how it is being done globally.

Many people are falling prey to this advanced new form of pick-pocketing seeing mysterious transactions appear on their statements and more seriously, their private details being made public.

There is also the chance of accidental contactless payment debits in shops. Don't think it won't happen to you, without protection it most likely will. Money is bad enough, however once your identity information is stolen, there is no knowing what it will be used for.

Contactless 'skimming' is an untraceable and covert criminal activity. As it is so easy it is seriously on the rise. In America, a card is being hacked like this every 2 seconds. In other countries a large percentage of all cardholders have now been skimmed and do not know that they have been. In major European cities, tourists are being actively advised to leave their contactless bank cards behind. In the UK, the Metropolitan Police report that identity theft is the No.1 growing crime. E-passports are also being hacked.

Be smart. Protect yourself now! The ScanJam Contactless Porcupine Card is your pet for life and your guardian angel, providing 100% effective protection, 24/7.
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