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Is the ScanJam™ Contactless Porcupine Card capable of protecting my whole wallet and all my cards within it?
Yes, the ScanJam Contactless Porcupine was designed to be practical, easy to use and provide protection for a standard men’s bi-fold wallet and all of the cards contained within. We do suggest placing two Porcupines in a typical woman’s wallet since they are often longer.

How does the ScanJam™ Contactless Porcupine Card actually work?
The moment your wallet is targeted by the radio wave emitting from the scanner of the criminal e-pickpocket, your ScanJam Contactless Porcupine will receive this signal. These signals are coming in on the 13.56mhz radio frequency, very often used on contactless cards, and on all contactless bank cards. The signal travels around the antenna of the card to the chip, the brain of the Porcupine. The chip uses this energy to return another radio signal, forming an invisible e-shield all around your wallet. This e-shield repels the attacking signal, jamming it until it goes away. When it goes away the Porcupine powers back down again.  Just like a genuine porcupine it raises it quills when it is attacked, effectively repelling the attack.  When the attack goes away it tucks those quills back in again.

Does my Porcupine mind going through airport scanners?
No, this is not a problem. The Porcupine, although it may be detected by the airport scanner x-ray, will not affect it in anyway, and will be passed.

How long does the ScanJam™ Contactless Porcupine Card last?
The ScanJam Contactless Porcupine will last for life. It doesn’t require batteries and is a passive device, meaning that it is powered up by the energy that it receives. The chip, the brain of the Porcupine, is rated to last for 100,000 protection cycles, which is equivalent to a hacker attempting to steal your information 5 times per day for over 50 years!

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